Andrade’s Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is located in the outskirts of the city of Panjim. Conceived as a multi-facility dental treatment facility in this thickly populated suburb of Panjim, providing a range of dental treatments. A typical commercial space with double height on the ground floor needed to be transformed into a space that enhanced positivity in a patient visiting the clinic.


As one walks through this clinic one comes across the efforts made by Ar. Tulio De Souza to unite the treatment space with the semi-public spaces that basically enhance the experience of the patient who is at ease, at all times. The minimalistic nature of the treads mounted on a central spine that provides an acess to the upper level with a visually un-obstructive railing. This experience seeks to negate the presence of a stairwell eating out in the lobby while at the same time providing an easy access to the upper floor. The staircase floats with the void and the adjacent walls are clad with stone of different colours on both of the floors. The light coloured steps attached to the stringer beams navigate the movement. They get detached from adjacent walls as moving upwards. The staircase is just a combination of a stringer beam made of mild steel and finished with wood and cantilevered steps. It becomes a perfect example of achieving new creations with the usage of simple methods of construction.

The passion of nursing is enlightened with the usage of bold bright colours on the furniture, and the treatment chairs. Rooms are dedicated to a specific treatment and vibrant uni-coloured furniture that blushes out against the shining white background of the cabins. A set of extruding lines run on the main wall of the surgical cabin, absorbing all the attention as one enters the room. The cool grey colour of common sterilizing area on the other hand doesn't attract the person coming up, but becomes a fruitful installation as it enhances the initiative of cleanliness and hygiene.